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Shahpour Bakhtiar Assassinated in France

bakhtiarShahpour Bakhtiar, 77, was the last prime minister of the Shah of Iran before his downfall in 1979. After the Iranian revolution, Bakhtiar traveled to France where he lived under the full protection of the French security police. The Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security has already made an attempt on his life in 1980. That attempt was failed. 

Four French police officers continuously guarded Bakhtiar’s residence in Paris and searched anything entering the house. The assassins therefore needed to be as friendly as possible and very much trusted by the police in order to be accepted as familiar visitors. They could not carry a gun, a pistol or similar firearms because the police would detect them before getting in. Due to such conditions, the Iranian regime recruited Fereidun Boyer Ahmadi, a confident of Bakhtiar, and his female relative Fereshteh Jahanbani to initiate the job.

It was August 6, 1991 when a team of three terrorists sent by the clerical regime slaughtered Bakhtiar and his secretary Soroush Katibeh. The terrorists used a serrated knife to cut the throats of both victims. Later, the French police discovered Bakhtiar’s body on a sofa in his villa. The terrorist ran away the scene. One of them fled to Iran, the other was arrested, but made to escape charges.    


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