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Fereidun Farrokhzad Assassinated in Germany

Fereidun Farrokhzad was an Iranian artist. He worked in the state-run television during the rule of Shah. Following the Shah’s downfall in 1979, Farrokhzad traveled to Germany where he became involved in some activities against the ruling clerics in Iran. The Iranian regime dispatched a terror team to Germany using its agent that had already come in close relation with Farrokhzad. The death squad approached Farrokhzad and brutally stabbed him to death in his apartment in Germany at the night of August 3, 1992. The death squad made to flee with impunity due to German-Iranian relations.
The Focus newspaper on February 7, 2004 quoted the German Prosecutor’s spokesperson Mrs. Katrin Scheuten Franke as saying that the prosecutor’s officers were investigating several cases regarding the secret services, but did not reveal any more details about the case that would damage the German-Iranian relations.

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