Mullahs’ regime targets Ashraf with Rockets in three occasions - Dec 2011

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reuters log

Mortars hit Iranian dissident camp in Iraq: Iraqi army
Sun Dec 25, 2011 5:03pm EST
BAGHDAD (Reuters)

Two mortars hit an Iranian dissident camp in Iraq just days after Baghdad extended a year-end deadline for the camp to be closed as the U.N. negotiated resettlement of 3,000 residents there, the Iraqi military said Sunday.
The mortars landed on Camp Ashraf, home to the People's Mujahideen Organization of Iran, or PMOI, an Iranian opposition group the United States and Iran officially consider a terrorist group. The camp is 65 km (40 miles) from Baghdad.
"Two mortars landed on Ashraf Camp and we cannot identify the number of casualties because we are not allowed to enter the camp," said an official with the Iraqi army, asking not to be identified.
A statement from Camp Ashraf representatives said the camp was hit by rockets, but did not refer to any casualties.
Iraq's Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said last week he had agreed to extend the deadline for closing the camp on condition the U.N. transfer about 400-800 residents to other countries before the end of this year.
Camp Ashraf's future became unclear after Washington turned it over to the Iraq in 2009. Baghdad has repeatedly said it does not want the guerrilla group on Iraqi soil.
The United Nations, along with the European Union, has been trying to resolve the issue. The mortars came just a week after the last U.S. troops withdrew from Iraq, almost nine years after the 2003 invasion.
In the 1970s the group, which is also known as the Mujahadin-e Khalq (MEK), led a guerrilla campaign against the U.S.-backed Shah of Iran, including attacks on U.S. targets. It says it has since renounced violence.
(Reporting by Patrick Markey; Editing by Peter Graff)



Iraq's fourth violation of commitments after signing MOU with UN on Camp Ashraf security

Mullahs’ regime and its Iraqi Collaborators Target Ashraf with Rockets for Third Time

AshrafMissile3 larg

At 15:20 PM Wednesday, 28 December 2011 Ashraf time (8:15 PM GMT), Quds terrorist forces and their Iraqi collaborators known as Assaeb Al-Hagh, once again targeted Ashraf from the southeast side using 107 mm Katiusha rockets. This is the third criminal attack on Ashraf in the past 72 hours. Tuesday night’s attack did not cause any casualties.

The first attack occurred on Sunday 25 December as the United Nations’ memorandum of understanding was being signed to resolve Ashraf crisis.
At 3:30 pm Wednesday, Iranian regime agents were seen 2.5 Kilometers southeast of Ashraf in two cars. One of the cars was identified as a dark Patrol. They were busy checking the area to identify a suitable location to fire the rockets.
Ashraf residents informed the Iraqi officers, who are supposed to be protecting the camp about these suspicious activities, but they were deliberately unwilling and were ordered not to listen to the reports. This is clearly a sign of behind the scene collaborations.
It is not apparent why the government of Iraq that considers the presence of unarmed Mojahedin in Ashraf to be a violation of its sovereignty, remains silent facing continuous violations of its sovereignty by the mullahs’ regime and by doing so chooses to become an accomplice to war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by this regime’s terrorists?
The Iranian Resistance, according to statements released during the past 72 hours, considers Wednesday night’s terrorist attack to be the fourth breach of pledges made by the government of Iraq about protection and guarantee of security and well-being of residents of Ashraf following the signing of the memorandum of understanding.
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 28, 2011

Mullahs’ regime’s plan to conduct the fourth rocket attack against Ashraf with Iraqi forces cooperation on Thursday night
Call for stationing U.S. and UN monitors in Ashraf during the next six months

Based on information received from inside the Iranian regime’s Guard Corps (IRGC), the agents of the terrorist Quds Force assisted and cooperated by Iraqi forces plan to target again Camp Ashraf with Katyusha rockets tonight (Thursday, December 29).
This is going to be the fourth rocket attack against Camp Ashraf since December 25th when the Memorandum of Understanding for a peaceful solution to Ashraf crisis was signed by the United Nations. In the past three attacks, clear indications of coordination between the Iraqi forces and the mullahs’ regime could be seen.
Following the third attack last night, AFP quoted “an official at the Iraqi security command centre in Diyala provincial capital Baquba” as saying, “Four mortars fell on Camp Ashraf at around 8:15 pm”. Nevertheless, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) indicated that it is not in a position to independently verify these various reports as the mission does not have a presence at the camp aside from its periodic visits.
Today, representatives of Ashraf residents informed Mr. Martin Kobler, Special Representative of Secretary-General, and the representative of the U.S. Embassy of the plan for the attack and hence requested a permanent presence of a UN monitoring team in Ashraf.
Clearly, the objective of the mullahs’ regime and its Iraqi hirelings of these rocket attacks is to defeat a peaceful resolution for the Ashraf crisis and to exert pressure for a compulsory relocation and a massive carnage in Ashraf.
This is while on Wednesday, December 28, based on Mrs. Clinton's statement of December 25 on the security and safety of Ashraf residents and the SRSG's letter to Ashraf residents promising to continue endeavors to resolve the outstanding issues, Mrs. Rajavi announced that "as a gesture of goodwill 400 Ashraf residents are prepared to go to Camp Liberty with their moveable property and vehicles at first opportunity. The relocation of the first group of residents is, at the same time, a test of the Iraqi Government’s attitude toward the commitments it has given to the United Nations and the United States."
Iranian Resistance invites UNAMI to inspect the sites hit by rocket attacks and to speak with Ashraf residents who demand the stationing of UN and U.S. monitors in Ashraf during the next six months until the last resident is transferred and all issues are resolved.
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 29, 2011


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