The officials in charge of Camp Liberty

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The officials in charge of Camp Liberty
Perpetrators of suppressing the residents and imposing a comprehensive siege on the camp
December 2015

Until now, seven years have passed since the Iraqi government took over the security dossier of the residents of Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty from the US government. In the course of this period, al-Maliki left the dossier of the residents in the hands of his most liable closest elements under the name of Iraq’s national security advisor and Iraqi Prime Ministry Committee tasked to suppress Ashraf and Liberty residents.

Muwaffaq al-Rubaie, National Security Adviser in al-Maliki administration, who took over the Ashraf dossier from the US forces and established the governmental committee for closure of Ashraf, appeared in an interview with Al-Furat Television on April 1, 2009, announcing very explicitly the policy of GoI toward the residents saying:

…We (plan) to make their presence in Iraq intolerable gradually…
We want to close this file right today and not tomorrow. We want to close up this issue as soon as possible… Iraqi security forces will enter the camp gradually, will set up control posts, will run patrols, and will start searching, and then they will launch attacks.

In another interview with Al-Aalam TV on March 8, 2009, he said:

These individuals have been brainwashed, and we must liberate them from this poison. When we carry out a process of detoxification, if this assumption is correct, this act will at first be painful. There is no alternative than to begin this painful act…”

Muwaffaq al-Rubaie said in an interview with Al-Iraqiya TV:

We may need to relocate those (Ashraf residents) to another location. We believe there is a group of them- may be 5 or 15 or 20 or 25 people – who are the leaders and have control over the others. Absolute majority of the camp residents may have been brainwashed; they are definitely brainwashed and want to return to their country. When we remove this cover, i.e. those who brainwash them, the absolute majority are likely to leave.

Such a policy up to the end of 2015 added up to 27 attacks launched by Iraqi forces by the order of al-Maliki and his national security advisors, using both firearms and cold steel against the residents, which led to death of 141 residents.
Furthermore, al-Maliki and his advisors ordered slaughtering of the residents and abducting seven of them including 6 women, complete closure of Ashraf and forcibly relocation of the residents to Camp Liberty.
During the 4 past years, the Iraqi committee (actually tasked to suppress the residents) headed by Falih Fayyadh, has imposed a comprehensive siege on the residents putting enormous pressures on them. The officers carrying out the orders of the said committee are Colonel Sadeq Mohammad Kadhem, Major Ahmed Khozair, and Captain Heydar Azab Mashi. All suppressive measures and plots are conducted by the direct orders of the Iranian regime’s embassy in Baghdad. The Intelligence agents stationed at the gate of Camp Liberty are the executive arms on the ground carrying out the orders and virtually maintaining the siege on the Camp.

Suppressive measures of the Iraqi Camp Management
Short after relocation of most of the residents from Ashraf to Camp Liberty, the former Iraqi government transferred its elements to Camp Liberty in order to maintain its suppressive measures; this time under the name of “Camp’s management”. The first plan the Camp’s Management came up with, was the removal of all protective concrete T-walls around the residential trailers as well as the gathering facilities in order to make the camp unsafe and insecure. It is worth mentioning that those T-walls were installed when the US forces were accommodated there. This deliberate measure left the residents vulnerable and the aftermath of that were irrecoverable casualties and structure damages under three missile barrages.

Photos of the camp before and after removing the T-walls


Removing the protective T-walls on purpose to make the camp unsecure at the suppressive committee’s order                                                  






image009 10

The fourth missile attack which took place on October 29, 2015, inflicted massive damages and devastation on the camp. 80 missiles landed on the Camp when the residents were inside their housing trailers, leaving 24 killed and dozens more injured. The pictures below depict the large destruction. Outrageously, while many of the residents did not have any shelter, the Iraqi Camp Management, did not allow the residents to procure needed supplies and materials and denied them to repair and rebuild the damages.

Missile Attack Oct29 9Missile Attack Oct29 6

 The next step of the suppressive elements was to impose an inhuman medical siege. As of 12 September 2015, and in the wake of this brutal medical siege on Ashraf and Liberty camps, and particularly, by causing deliberate delays and often preventing ill people to attend their medical appointments, these elements literally tormented 27 ill residents to death.


Photos of some of the ill residents tormented to death

Aforementioned committee has imposed a full-scale and unprecedented logistic siege on Camp Liberty. It has banned almost everything from entering into the camp except water, fuel and food (time and again, it deliberately cuts off even, fuel and food in order to put further pressure on the resident). Computers and its accessories, Mobile phones and any kind of communication devices, receivers, switches, satellite dishes, television and plasma TV etc. are some of the basic life supports which the residents have been deprived of. Moreover, materials and requirements for repair and rehabilitation of the worn-out and damaged trailers (under missile attacks) have been prohibited to enter the camp; items such as plywood, metal plate, metal sheet, glass wool, screws, carpet, linoleum, wood adhesive, paints, silicone adhesive and etc.
Owing to the damaged infrastructures of the camp including large refrigeration containers storing food and other cooling devices, the residents are in dire need of Freon gas, spare parts for charge, and maintenance purposes. However, this committee has not even once allowed in such supplies. Recently, the said committee blocked entry of stationery. Consequently, the residents are challenging an all-out siege.


Photos of prohibited items!


Background of the suppressive committee and its elements in suppressing and imposing siege against the residents

In addition to their suppressive role in imposing the cruel siege on Camp Liberty, the elements of the committee were also the main perpetrators of massacres in Ashraf in July 2009 and April 2011. They also carried out all preparations and reconnaissance before the massacre in Ashraf on September 1, 2013.

Photos of crimes and massacre the suppressive committee and its members committed in Camp Ashraf

 Bodies steeped in blood. Iraqi Forces under command of the Suppressive Committee slaughtered 52 residents of Ashraf on September 1, 2013.
Massacres in Ashraf, July 2009 and April 2011
image031 32




 The suppressive committee has had a key role in pursuing the conspiracies of the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) against the residents. They stationed the MOIS agents around Camp Ashraf providing them full support to install 320 loudspeakers to psychologically torture the residents 24/7 for nearly 2 years.

The only solution
This committee has done nothing but suppressing and imposing a brutal siege against the residents as well as directing slaughters in Ashraf and tormenting the ill people to death. As a result, to tackle this challenge, the ultimate solution is removal of the suppressive committee. The management of Camp Liberty shall be delivered to bodies within the Iraqi government that are not affiliated to the Iranian regime but abide by International Humanitarian Covenants.

Main elements of the Suppresive Committee

elements of supressive com 

image041 44


Colonel Sadeq Mohammad Kadhem, Major Ahmad Khozair and Captain Heydar Azab at Camp Liberty. Short after transfer of residents from of Camp Ashraf to camp Liberty, they were transferred to Camp Liberty in the guise of Camp Management in order to maintain the inhuman pressures and continue suppressive measures against the residents.



image049 50

Major Ahmed Khozair and Captain Heydar Azab Mashi reconnoitering the Ashraf areas



  Captain Heydar Azab, aiming at the residents by a machine gun of BKC type in camp Liberty


image054 1 
 image054 2

 Major Ahmad Khozair has ordered all the posts around camp Liberty to point their machine guns at the residents



image056 57 

 By the order of Major Ahmed Khozair, the Iraqi Army Intelligence forces are scouting and surveying Camp Liberty’s area


 image058 59

Short look at the record of suppressive measures and hostile measures of Major Ahmad Khozeir and Captian Heydar Azab’s in Ashraf (in addition to July 2009 and April 2011 massacres); they directed the slaughtering of the residents

On the pretext of setting a new post in Ashraf, the Iraqi army forces under command of the suppressive  committee attacked the residents using clubs, chains, batons, pipes and heavy cables.

Friday, October 1, 2010: Captain Heydar commanding on the ground

Image064 5 6 7 

Iraqi Forces under suppressive committee attacked Ashraf residents on December 26, 2010 at the Hospital in Ashraf injuring dozens of residents. Major Ahmad and Captain Heydar were commanders on the ground.

Major Ahmad and Captain Heydar in the Hospital few minutes before the attack 

Image070 1 4 

 image075 7 8

Major Ahmed and Captain Heyder in southern wing of Ashraf are providing all necessities for accommodation of the Iranian regime’s agents. These MOIS’s agents psychologically tortured the residents using 320 loudspeakers 24/7 during 667 days.
Nafe Al-Issa, on the photo below is an Iraqi agent linked to MOIS.



image080 82 

image086 6 

Below: mounting antenna poles and installing noise-casting devices by MOIS agents around Camp Ashraf. The Suppressive Committee facilitated and supported the project.

 image088 2

At Camp Liberty, owing to the presence of the United Nations the Suppressive Committee is not freehanded as it was in Ashraf in slaughtering and carrying out such disgraceful psychological torture. Consequently, it has imposed an inhuman siege on the residents for further tormenting. An all-out blockade has resulted effectively in a contaminated area. It has banned residents from entering life support necessities and provision of utilities they need to maintain and repair their worn-out trailers. Below are photos of only a few ablution units.

image089 2 


 Recently, three power generators of the camp have broken down due to severe depreciation and the scorching weather. They had actually worked twice their normal service life. The residents have to endure power outage under the extreme heat. They have tried to enter spare parts for repairing the generators; however, the Suppressive Committee is preventing them from such possibility.

 image090 2


Repeating Camp Ashraf scenario at Camp Liberty
After imposing psychological torture in Ashraf for over two years with 320 loudspeakers, and following a number of massacres against the residents, the Iranian regime is once again bent on repeating the Ashraf massacre scenario in Camp Liberty. Tehran has dispatched MOIS agents under the guise of PMOI family members to Camp Liberty in order to pave the path for the massacre of residents in Camp Liberty. These agents gathered outside of police station chanting slogans and screaming “as we destroyed Ashraf we will destroy camp Liberty”.

 image091 2


 10 June 2015, MOIS agents at camp Liberty (Photos posted in MOIS websites)

Iraqi National Security Advisor Falih Fayyadh, provided all the facilitation necessary for MOIS agents’ transfer to Camp Liberty. Sadeq Mohammad Kazem carried out all the coordination for the transfer of the agents to Camp Liberty and sends reports to the Iranian regime’s embassy. Pictures of these agents present in Liberty were immediately posted on MOIS-affiliated websites.
Again on September 7, 8 and 10, more than 20 agents of the Iranian regime’s Intelligence Ministry (MOIS) were brought to Camp Liberty by the suppressive committee under the guise of “residents’ relatives.”
The goal is to repeat the same path of camp Ashraf in camp Liberty which at the end will result in attacks and massacre of the residents.




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