Iran’s intelligence agent in Tirana

Jul 24, 2018
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Recently European countries have been targeted by the Iranian regime’s terrorists. On June 30, an Iranian diplomat was arrested in Germany for handing over explosives to two Iranian regime’s terrorists in Luxemburg the day before. The same day the two terrorists were arrested in Belgium and their celaborator was arrested in France. Their goal was to bomb the annual gathering of Iranian MEK, in Paris. Subsequently the US state department revealed that last March Iranian terrorists were arrested in Tirana. 

Recently Iranian exiles residing in Tirana capital of Albania are informing about presence of one of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence agents by the name Mostafa Mohammadi. Daughter of this person, Somayeh Mohammadi, who is a member of the MEK and resides in Albania, has revealed that Mostafa Mohammdi who has come to Albania under the pretext of visiting her, is an agent of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and he had a leading role in psychological torture of Ashraf residents in Iraq. Ms. Mohammadi also has written a book in this regard titled "An End to a Conspiracy". In this book she explains how her father, who now is dispatched to Tirana, was recruited by Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and how he was preparing grounds for the killings of MEK members in Iraq. Ms. Somayeh in a letter to Albanian Minister of Interior has asked for expulsion of Mostafa Mohammadi from Albania. She also shared the letter with the Albanian media where it was widely covered. The full text of the letter is as follows:

Hon. Fatmir Xhafaj, Minister of Internal Affairs of Albania

 Dear Minister,

I am Somayeh Mohammadi, residing in Albania and a female member of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI).

I learned that my father, Mostafa Mohammadi, who is also the agent of the Ministry of Intelligence of Iran (MOIS), has come to Albania on the pretext of meeting with me, but to carry out missions against the PMOI assigned by the Iranian regime.

In 1998, in pursuit of freedom and democracy in Iran, I voluntarily left my residence in Canada and, like many other freedom-loving Iranians, joined the PMOI and went to Camp Ashraf in Iraq. I came to Albania with my other friends after leaving Iraq.

When we were in Iraq, the Iranian regime was able misuse some members of our families, including my father, against the PMOI by threatening or enticing them. Following his meetings with me at Camp Ashraf in Iraq in 2002, 2003 and 2004 and after returning to Canada, he unexpectedly claimed before the Canadian press and authorities that the PMOI had kept me at Camp Ashraf forcibly and against my will. He created propaganda weblogs in my name, and, by publishing my personal photos on those blogs, and applying other pressures, he intended to make me surrender and co-operate with the Iranian regime. His collaboration with the Iranian regime’s intelligence service (MOIS) and falsifications against me and the POMI continued such that in order to have personal conversation with me and take me to Canada, a delegation from the Canadian government came to Camp Ashraf in Iraq several times. Every time, in my private meetings with the Canadian government delegation, I explained to them my sincere and voluntary will to stay with the PMOI.  

After I no longer had any doubt that Mostafa Mohammadi, without any family affection, was misusing me as a means for earning money and conducting the MOIS missions against the PMOI, I cut off all my connections and meetings with him forever. 

For your information, the presence of these agents of the Iranian regime’s MOIS around Camp Ashraf under the guise of family members paved the path for the bloody attacks and massacres at Camp Ashraf. They used 320 powerful loudspeakers to blare slogans against us round-the-clock, and this way they put us under psychological torture. They also used to encourage Iraqi agents to attack Camp Ashraf. Mostafa Mohammadi always attended this psychological torture against the residents of Ashraf, and was in charge of it according to what other agents said through loudspeakers.

I have attached the Canadian passport pages of Mostafa Mohammadi, by which he traveled to Iraq. While he is a citizen of Canada, and should have received a visa in Canada, you can see that visas have been issued entirely in Iran, indicating that his presence in Iraq was for conspiracies sponsored by the Iranian regime. (Attachment 1)

I have published all my own story and the efforts of Mostafa Mohammadi to abuse me, which legitimized the killing of Ashraf and Liberty residents by the Iranian regime, in a book entitled "An End

to a Conspiracy", which was published on numerous websites. The book in Persian and its translation into English can be downloaded, among others, on the following URLs: 

URL of the book on the Persian website Iran Efshagar:

URL of the book on the English website Iran Probe:

Mostafa Mohammadi's presence in Albania is very disturbing to me. I am not worried for myself, but I am worried about the safety and security of my fellow friends in Albania. His presence shows that the Iranian regime is seeking more devilish plots against us in Albania. I have no doubt that this regime, as in the past, will conduct demonizing campaigns such as “the PMOI do not allow meeting between me and Mostafa Mohammadi”, or “I, at the age of 38, am in the PMOI against my will”  in order to set the stage for making a blow against our security and violate our right to life. 

Therefore, considering that the regime's intention to launch a terrorist operation against the PMOI in Paris, and its agents, including one of its diplomats, were arrested, was exposed last week, I would like to ask you to thwart the ground for further measures of the Iranian regime by expulsion of Mostafa Mohammadi from Albania.  


Somayeh Mohammadi

8 July 2018 


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