Full text of speech by Íngrid Betancourt at Grand Gathering – 2017

Sep 09, 2017
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By Staff Writer Iran Probe


As Europe is experiencing with its very skin and flesh the wrath of Islamic fundamentalism; as Europe is the victim of terrorist attacks in Paris, London and Germany, we are all called upon to think about our responsibilities before religious sectarianism that claims to have been revived. What can we do? What must we do? The Muslim community, is without a doubt, the first victim of Islamic fundamentalism, because its religious beliefs, covering a global population of 1.5 billion, has been taken hostage. Separating true Islam and Islamic extremism is not that easy, especially since Islamic terrorism views itself as the sole and truest interpreter of God and Islam.

True Islam, in the best case scenario, is sidelined and under the pessimistic eyes of world public opinion. Whereas to defeat religious terrorism, security or military measures will not be enough, because one needs to access the source, the historical source of this dilemma. The historical source is the Iranian revolution in 1979. The Iranian fundamentalists were the first individuals to establish a type of government based on absolute clergy rule. Long before al-Baghdadi’s fatwa in Mosul and Raqqa, Khomeini in Tehran had issued fatwas for murdering European writers and intellectuals on charges of disbelief. Khomeini’s republic encouraged exporting religious fundamentalism and a caliphate ruling the entire world of Islam, and this was long before ISIS encouraged this with all its methods of savagery.
Iran’s dictatorship has the tool to expand religious terrorism. It is the Revolutionary Guards. With them, and thanks to them, Iran supports the Lebanese Hezbollah, Houthis in Yemen and even Sunni organizations such as al-Qaeda and the Taliban. ISIS should also be considered a byproduct of Iran’s policies.

Iran, through specific conversance, forced Syrian and Iraqi leaders to release what later became ISIS. Iran’s objective was to facilitate the founding of a group in Syria that is close to its ideology in order to divide Bashar Assad’s dissidents and defuse Western support for this opposition.

However, despite this fast-track policy, the mullahs’ regime inside their own country are faced with the stiffest of all oppositions. The People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran is the sole dissident organization to survive the mullahs’ policy of massacre. This movement is a resistance movement established by Muslims for Muslims. This movement was successful in unveiling the mullahs’ deceitful version of Islam for the world.

The calm force of this resistance is represented by a woman that is loved and admired by us all for her courage and wisdom. Maryam Rajavi. With the support of you all, and due to the resistance of thousands upon thousands of Iranian men and women, she is on the verge of becoming the true anti-terrorist force that we need. She, with you, is the true democratic alternative that is presented by and for Iran’s Muslims. She, and you, are an example for free Muslims across the globe.

If we today are gathered here, it is to portray our unity and power. All of this is established around Maryam Rajavi. Friends from all over the world have encircled her. Friends from many different places. All of us here from all races. Representing all the world’s cultures and religions. We believe that this unity is the best strategy to end the mullahs’ international terrorism.
We have gathered here because we are certain the Iranian Resistance, with its vanguard force, meaning the survivors of Camp Liberty and under the leadership of Maryam Rajavi, has matured enough, that thanks to its organization, its credibility and social base inside Iran, it can change the course of history in the name of freedom, equality and brotherhood across the globe.




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