Hopes for an end to mullahs’ terrorism

Jul 03, 2018
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By Iran Probe Staff

Tuesday,3 July 2018

As anti-government demonstrations continued in Iran, National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) held its annual gathering in Paris last Saturday June 30th. Maryam Rajavi, President elect of NCRI was the special speaker. Mrs. Rajavi’s words brought hope to many who seek an end to the regional meddling and terrorism led by the greedy Ayatollahs in Tehran.

“Regime overthrow is certain, Iran will be free”. ‘Al Arabiya English’ chose this quote from Maryam Rajavi as the title for its article in Saturday edition. The paper quoted Mrs. Rajavi,  “The first thing that must be said today is that flames of the auspicious and liberating uprising are again rising in Tehran and across Iran: Again, Mashhad and Shiraz, Bandar Abbas and Qeshm, Karaj and Kermanshah, Shahriar, Islamshahr, Kashan, Arak, Isfahan, Ram Hormuz, and many other towns and cities”. “Indeed, the uprising cannot be extinguished and will continue without respite, constantly expanding and deepening” Said Rajavi.

Former  U.S. House speaker Gingrich and ex-New York mayor Giuliani also attended and spoke at the gathering  Middle East Eye of Saturday published some of the speeches of the two celebrities. Mr. Gingrich told the Free Iran rally, "The only way to safety in the region is to replace the dictatorship with a democracy, and that has to be our goal,” “I look forward to the day that this meeting could be in Tehran in a free country”. He said. In another part of his speech Former U.S. House speaker said, "We need to have a campaign to shame the European governments who are unwilling to support freedom and democracy," Gingrich said. "We need to insist that they join the sanctions once again."

Middle East Eye also published ex-New York mayor, Ruddy Giuliani, s words to the meeting. Giuliani called for a boycott of companies "that continually do business with this regime". "Freedom is right around the corner," he added of the recent protests in Iran.

The Gingrich and Giuliani comments came after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, earlier this week, gave his backing to the strikes and protests over Iran’s economic woes, not least the collapse of the currency following the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal.

English daily newspaper,’ The Guardian’ also reported from Iranian resistance grand gathering in Paris. Guardian reported Ruddy Giuliani as saying, “We are now realistically being able to see an end to the regime in Iran,” “The mullahs must go, the ayatollah must go, and they must be replaced by a democratic government which Madam Rajavi represents,” Giuliani said. “Freedom is right around the corner … Next year I want to have this convention in Tehran!”

Syrians fighting to liberate their own country also had their representatives at the meeting. Nazir Hakim, who headed the Syrian delegation told the rally, “People want the fall of the regime.  I salute the free rebellions of our people who stand in the face of dictatorships and fight. We salute the hero’s resistance of the Iranian people who are facing the dictatorship in Iran. There is a true resistance. We are battling the same regime in Syria.”

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