Sajjad (Kian Mehr) IRGC Quds Force brigadier general, in charge of Hotel Mohajer in Iraq, wanted by German court

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Hotel Mohajer in Baghdad
Hotel Mohajer in Baghdad

An Iranian regime terrorist agent by the name of Sajjad (Kian Mehr) is currently wanted for questioning following the arrest of an agent of the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence (VEVAK / MOIS) in Germany on 23 October 2015.

On Wednesday, 28 October 2015, the German prosecutor’s office declared a 31-year-old man identified as Meisam P. has been arrested on 23 October for acting in service to the VEVAK / MOIS and spying on the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK). The homes of five other individuals were searched by the German public prosecutor’s office under similar charges, meaning spying on the PMOI/MEK.

Meisam Panahi, the arrested VEVAK / MOIS agent, and his accomplices were expelled from Camp Liberty by the PMOI / MEK back in April 2013. They then went to Baghdad’s Hotel Mohajer, controlled by the VEVAK / MOIS and Iran’s terrorist Quds Force, the foreign wing of the IRGC. Prior to this the National Council of Resistance of Iran’s Anti-Terrorism Commission issued a statement on 26 February 2014 providing in-depth details describing Hotel Mohajer a center used by the Iranian regime’s mullahs and Quds Force and run by a Quds Force brigadier general, known as “Sajjad.”

Who is Sajjad?

Sajjad is the nom de guerre of a Quds Force agent named “Kian Mehr” ranked as a brigadier general. He was born in northern Iran and is around 45 years of age. To this day he has been sent to numerous countries by the Quds Force, including Lebanon.

He was transferred to Iraq in the second half of 2012, replacing “Haj Ali”, the previous VEVAK / MOIS officer in Baghdad. His commanders in the Iranian regime’s embassy in Baghdad have been individuals by the names of Mousavi and Hosseini, both senior Quds Force officers. Sajjad runs Hotel Mohajer in Baghdad where PMOI / MEK members who leave Camp Liberty are transferred to this site. Sajjad himself stays in suite #304 of this hotel, and the entire facility is linked to the terrorist Badr Force.

Hotel Mohajer & Sajjad’s tactics to recruit newcomers

Baghdad’s Hotel Mohajer is under the complete control of the VEVAK / MOIS and Sajjad. He uses various tactics to hire PMOI / MEK who enter Hotel Mohajer. After being assured of their full pledged loyalty, these new agents receive monthly salaries and sent to Iran some time later to undergo training. Following the necessary preparations they are transferred to Europe to be used against the Iranian Resistance and PMOI / MEK in Europe. Sajjad himself decides how and what amount of money each individual will receive.

Any individual entering Hotel Mohajer is first held in a quarantine-like section of the first floor for some time, until Sajjad “interviews” him. Based on the “interview” results, the individual is then transferred to rooms in the second, third or fourth floor for their final disposition.

The first tactic Sajjad resorts to once an individual enters Hotel Mohajer is using Iraqi agents to threaten, entice and/or pressure the newcomers to cooperate with the mullahs’ intelligence. Another tactic is isolating individuals in the hotel and obstructing the dossiers of individuals who intend to reach third countries through the UNHCR.

In addition to the abovementioned tactics, the VEVAK / MOIS assess the status of each individual and begins placing pressure on them through their family members. Their families are taken to Iraq and lured to cooperate with the VEVAK / MOIS under pledges to send their child and relatives abroad.

Even if any individual who has left Camp Liberty to Hotel Mohajer , is willing to repent and return to Iran, unless he takes part, for a long period of time, in public programs against the PMOI / MEK under Sajjad’s supervision. These individuals usually appear in press conferences in Iraq where they are seen taking part in smear campaigns against the PMOI / MEK, especially when meeting with UNAMI and UNHCR officials and staff. Before sending them to Iran, Sajjad had held individuals such as Reza Rajjabzadeh and Ali Mohammad Khatami in Iraq for over a year for various VEVAK / MOIS projects against the PMOI / MEK in Hotel Mohajer.

For individuals who are sent to Iran and then Europe, Sajjad first issues an Iranian passport through the regime’s embassy in Baghdad. These individuals are then hired by the VEVAK / MOIS and receive preliminary training in Iran. They then receive $700 to be sent off to Turkey.

Team of Sajjad’s network discovered in Germany; Meisam Panahi arrested

Sajjad linked Meisam Panahi, along with another individual by the name of Shahab Karimi, to Haj Ali Navidi, head of a VEVAK / MOIS facility in Turkey. The VEVAK / MOIS intended to send these two individuals to the United Kingdom through Germany. However, they were forced to remain in Germany for one night due to an airport strike. The next day there were arrested when attempting to pass through the passport control section, and finally were forced to seek refuge in Germany. Sajjad started to use Meisam Panahi to collect information about the PMOI / MEK and other opposition figures in Germany. Meisam Panahi was, however arrested for his illegal activities in Germany.

Two more individuals linked to Sajjad and sent to Europe from Hotel Mohajer were Ghorban-Ali Hossein Nejhad and Issa Azadeh. Davoud Baghervand Arshad, another VEVAK / MOIS operative was also moved to Europe to join them.

Baghervand departed Camp Ashraf in June 2004 and went to TIPF (an exit site located north of Ashraf controlled by U.S. forces) where he was quickly recruited by the VEVAK / MOIS network. In March 2005 he rushed to the mullahs’ regime in Iran.

Issa Azadeh surrendered himself in Camp Liberty to the Iraqi forces on 24 February 2013 and went to Hotel Mohajer.

Ghorban-Ali Hossein Nejhad went to Hotel Mohajer from April 2012 and was hired by the VEVAK / MOIS. He was claimed to be “Massoud Rajavi’s senior interpreter” to provide him more credibility.

Sajjad’s measures against individuals transferred to Albania

Through a number of VEVAK / MOIS agents in Albania Sajjad was attempting to recruit individuals transferred to Albania by establishing contact with them. He especially uses social media to come in contact with defected individuals, and recruits them by providing money and procuring their necessities such as educational and occupational documents. Sajjad continuously changes his telephone numbers. Two of the telephone numbers he used to contact his operatives were:

+964 4771 4757139

+964 4770 4655189

Prior to Liberty residents’ transfer to Albania, through the Iranian regime’s operatives in the Iraqi government Sajjad was able to obtain a list of names of the residents scheduled to be transferred to Albania. He then sends this list to the VEVAK / MOIS in Tehran. This list is then reviewed by various VEVAK / MOIS branches and individuals including Ebrahim Khodabandeh, Maryam Sanjabi and others in the Nejat Society. Finally, the list is published in VEVAK / MOIS-associated websites.

Prior to the residents’ entrance to Albania, Sajjad provides the names of a number of these residents to his elements such as Ehsan Bidi and Siavash Rastar, ordering them all to come in contact with those transferred and encourage them to separate from the PMOI / MEK and receive money and other incentives in return.

Facebook & other social media activities

Sajjad carries out some of his communications through Facebook, having a page under a nom du guerre.

His main page in Facebook is “Ali Sahel”. After Meisam Panahi was arrested by German police he launched a new Facebook page dubbed “Ali Shomali”. However, now and then it is seen that he goes back to using his main Facebook page.

Sajjad (with the Facebook name Ali Shomali) wrote a comment on his Facebook page to all those sent from Hotel Mohajer to other countries, “Hi, I express my condolences to all during the religious ceremonies for Imam Hossein [and went to Karbala] in your place… especially to those friends who returned to their ordinary life from Hotel Mohajer, and are now struggling against Rajavi’s cult.”

Issa Azadeh, in France and working for Sajjad, replied to his comment, “I hope God will give us the chance.”

As the so called “family members” went to Camp Liberty’s gates, Sajjad opened a new Facebook page named “Ali Chenarei” in which he would post images of these so-called family members. 

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