Ehsan Bidi, Iran Ministry of Intelligence agent in Albania Featured

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Ehsan Bidi, Iran VEVAK/MOIS agent
Ehsan Bidi, Iran VEVAK/MOIS agent

Ehsan Bidi, an agent of the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS/VEVAK) in Albania, entered this country on 16 October 2013 as a refugee and “former PMOI member” (People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran) with an Iranian passport issued by the MOIS/VEVAK.

Bidi’s passport, with which he entered Albania, registered on 27 January 2013 and numbered 16359072, is valid for five years. This reveals there is no need to recognize this individual as a refugee. 

passport ehsan bidi

Bidi’s transfer to Albania by the MOIS/VEVAK was aimed at establishing the cell of a spy ring amongst PMOI/MeK members transferred from Camp Liberty in Iraq to Albania. The goal of this mission is to obtain the information and intelligence necessary for a demonizing campaign targeting the PMOI/MeK and pave the path for future terrorist attacks. The MOIS/VEVAK is also using Bidi as a former PMOI/MeK member in its demonizing campaign against the PMOI/MeK to deceive the public and media in Albania against accepting Liberty residents on their soil, and ultimately prevent the residents’ transfer to a safe location. He is essentially a mole of a known MOIS/VEVAK agent by the name of Massoud Khodabandeh in the United Kingdom. Khodabandeh, along with his British wife Ann Singleton, are known to pursue an ongoing campaign against the PMOI/MeK, in service to the Iranian regime. Before any other MOIS/VEVAK organ, all texts related to Bidi is first and foremost posted by the Iran-Interlink website, managed by the Khodabandeh couple.


Bidi was born in 1977 and a number of his family members were executed by the Iranian regime for supporting the PMOI/MeK. He left Iran in 2002 and went to Camp Ashraf in Iraq to join the PMOI/MeK. He had been arrested twice for ordinary crimes prior to his departure of Iran. His mother and brother visited Ashraf in 2003 and 2004, spending a few days with him and encouraging Bidi to remain with PMOI/MeK. However, following the July 2009 and April 2011 attacks against Ashraf staged by forces of then Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki that made conditions of remaining in Ashraf all the more difficult, Bidi could no longer tolerate the circumstances and after being transferred to Liberty he left the camp at the first possible opportunity on 19 April 2012, going directly to Baghdad’s Hotel Mohajer. This facility is controlled by Iran’s MOIS/VEVAK and terrorist Quds Force as a recruiting center for the MOIS/VEVAK to conscript individuals who in the past departed Ashraf, and now choose to leave Liberty.

A few years later he wrote the true reason why he left Ashraf and Liberty.

“In early spring 2012 the Iraqi people made it clear for us, the Camp Ashraf residents, that we couldn’t go on like this and … I sensed the fact that there was to be a major conflict in the future… it was obvious the Iraqi forces would no longer show any mercy.” (Iran-Interlink, 10 November 2015)

Bidi was used by the MOIS/VEVAK in Hotel Mohajer and in mid-2012 with a fake passport he flew from Baghdad to Turkey, and from there to Egypt. However, Egyptian authorities were suspicious of his presence and had him arrested. An individual by the name of Haj Nosser, a senior official of the MOIS/VEVAK branch in Iran’s embassy in Baghdad, provided Bidi with money through a regime representative in Egypt. Iran’s MOIS/VEVAK then attempted to use its agents in Europe to have Bidi sent to Austria, Finland or Denmark. However, despite their initial agreements, related organs in these countries refused to accept him on their soil because of his unveiled relationship with the MOIS/VEVAK, forcing Bidi to return to Iraq. After returning to Baghdad using an Iranian passport provided to him by the MOIS/VEVAK, he once again travelled to Turkey, from there to Romania, and finally to Albania to establish an initial cell of a spying network against the PMOI/MeK in that country.

Objective in Transferring Bidi to Albania

As mentioned earlier, in addition to the demonizing campaign against the PMOI/MeK, with the main objective of justifying and paving the grounds for terrorist attacks against Camp Liberty residents in Iraq, by using Bidi the Iranian regime is seeking to instigate public opinion in Albania against accepting the PMOI/MeK.

Following measures implemented by the PMOI/MeK and the support shown by the U.S., the Albanian government in 2013 began accepting Camp Liberty residents.  Simultaneously, the Iranian regime – seeking the complete annihilation of the PMOI/MeK in Iraq – began threatening Albania to prevent any further transfer of Camp Liberty residents. For example, the state Keyhan daily in Iran, known as a major mouthpiece loyal to Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei, wrote in this regard on 21 September 2013 :

“The Islamic Republic of Iran will never allow any country to station PMOI/MeK members on their soil, and if such measures actually take place they will have to bear the resulting political, economic and maybe security consequences.”

Prior to that Iranian officials and media outlets were seen threatening the Albanian government. “Balkan states will in the near future witness bombings and sabotage benefiting  the United States and the Zionist regime.” (Iran’s state IRIB news network – 17 May 2013)

Consequently, in the winter of 2014 Iran’s MOIS/VEVAK sent one of its operatives by the name of “Fereidoon Zandi Ali Abadi” under the disguise of a diplomat stationed in Tehran’s embassy in Albania to run its intelligence apparatus against the PMOI/MeK. This individual came in contact with Bidi. (National Council of Resistance of Iran statement – 1 December 2014)

Expressing Utmost Gratitude for Massacring PMOI/MeK

Bidi was one of the numerous MOIS/VEVAK agents who wrote a letter to then Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, expressing their “utmost gratitude” for the massacre staged against the PMOI/MeK on 1 September 2013 in Ashraf, adding they were ready to provide their experience to the Iraqi government for the PMOI/MeK’s complete annihilation:

“We, the separated individuals from this organization, some of whom have family members in Camp Liberty, all… witnessed crimes, murder, physical and psychological tortures… by this organization … we are ready to provide our experience to the Iraqi government in measures aimed at separating the members and lower files of this organization in the related camp [Liberty] from the senior ranks of this notorious group, and announce the complete annihilation of its leadership and structure….” (Iran-Interlink – 6 March 2014)

Following all the bloody attacks staged by Maliki’s forces against the PMOI/MeK that failed to result in their annihilation, Bidi wrote: “Former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki failed in his measures regarding the PMOI/MeK in Ashraf and Liberty.” (Iran-Interlink – 17 February 2015)

vevak spy ashraf

Bidi  (on the left) was recruited by the MOIS/VEVAK after entering Hotel Mohajer. Following initial briefings and the necessary training, he was used in the ridiculous shows staged by Iran’s embassy outside of Ashraf. Alongside other similar agents he was seen holding placards and using 320 powerful loudspeakers installed around Ashraf to blare profanity and psychologically torture the residents on a 24/7 basis.

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