Attack websites & Publications

Attack websites & Publications

Attack Websites

The MOIS operates a network of attack websites that distribute black propaganda about the PMOI. The various websites are in English, Farsi, Arabic, German, and French.

The MOIS websites are easy to identify because they present extreme, one-sided, negative information about the PMOI. There is no effort to provide balance or transparency. Lies are carefully crafted and repeated endlessly. Factual information is distorted and issues fabricated to mislead readers.

The attack sites are also readily recognizable from their content. They post each other's articles and present identical arguments. They promote the same books and videos and, in some cases, are linked together.

Some attack websites are affiliated with "cultural associations," front organizations set up by the MOIS to distribute anti-PMOI materials and provide cover for agents. Examples are Aawa Association, DENA Organization, and the International Payvand Association Netherlands.

A few attack websites established by the MOIS are no longer active, such as, which operated from 2005-2010.

Below are attack websites linked to the MOIS:

English Language:


Farsi Language

Some of the MOIS attack websites are only in Farsi. This includes:





State-Run Media Outlets

Many attack articles posted on the MOIS websites originate from the following Iranian government-controlled information outlets:


Tehran Times


Mehr News Agency


Fars News Agency




The MOIS generates a wide range of printed materials that vilify the PMOI, including books, pamphlets, newsletters, and newspapers. Many of the documents are published under the name of a former PMOI member recruited by the MOIS.

The materials are distributed to NGOs, government officials, and the media. MOIS attack websites promote many of the books and, in some cases, provide annotated copies for downloading.

In 2008, the Honorable Lord Waddington received a book called "A terrorist group with different faces" and a letter that had no contact details. The book's ISBN printing, it turned out, was a forgery. Waddington sent a letter to his colleagues about the book, stating "it seems pretty clear that the MOIS are responsible for this book."1

Below are some of the books produced by the MOIS, or relay heavily on MOIS disinformation, that denounce the PMOI:




1) Letter from the Rt. Hon. Lord Waddington GCVO, DL, QC to his colleagues in the House of Lords.  February 28, 2008.



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