Iranian people seeking the Islamic republic’s overthrow + clip

Nov 21
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By Iran Probe Staff

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The innocent earthquake-stricken people of western Iran have lost their loved ones and are in dire conditions without any shelter, and literally have nothing else left in their lives. They consider Iranian regime officials being indifferent to their fate and are now publicly expressing their desire for this regime’s overthrow.

In the attached video clip an individual, himself a state media reporter in the earthquake region of Kermanshah, western Iran, admits that the people are seeking this regime’s overthrow. He speaks of the Iranian officials’ incompetence and says the following in his remarks to an official of Iran’s Red Crescent in Kermanshah province:

In the Islamic republic they have never cared about the people. Just positions, authority and power.

Another person: Foreign governments [Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and …]

Of course, you already know this, God willing. At this very moment that you’re talking, it is all based on the lies that you have been told. And you already know this quite well.

Meaning whenever the Islamic republic feels any threat, it calls on the people to pour into the streets and vote in the elections. When it’s all over, they never look back. People’s welfare is not at all important for this regime. That is exactly why in the past four days conditions in the Gilan-e Qarb region is not at all important for the regime. These people have been coming here for the four or five days, from night till morning, women and their children, in the cold, and no official provides them any answers. Not the governor, not the mayor, not the relief authorities…

Another person: Nor the Red Crescent chief

However, if needed, our brothers, of course some of them in the police, they come and attack the people with their batons. A nation that revolted for a set of values. Now those values are being dishonored significantly. You know this very well.

Another person: We were supposedly the country’s second resilient city [in the war against Iraq].

The second resilient It’s all empty words. Empty words and nonsense. They already know all this.

Let me tell you this about the people. I’m telling you this as a reporter from the region, it’s not my personal opinion, people have time and again asked God to have the Islamic republic overthrown. You know what I’m talking about. And they are cursing all the officials who are neglecting their problems. I personally believe any official in the Islamic republic that is neglecting is actually committing treason and is a traitor. Unfortunately, many officials in the Islamic republic are traitors, and they are ruling over our country and our people.


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