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IRGC commanders fear their own people

May 03
General Hossein Salami, deputy commander of IRGC
General Hossein Salami, deputy commander of IRGC

By Iran probe Staff

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Just before the fundamentalist regime in Tehran can see its 40th birthday, the mullahs are facing what they have feared most all these years. The people’s uprising which began a few months ago and spread into more than 140 cities is still on the move. Protests are heard from every corner of the country, with no compromise between people and the state. Desperate from incurable economic, social and political problems, from inside and outside the country,   Iranian regime officials are searching for salvation. Khamenei, the supreme leader prefers to keep silent. In his speeches he does not refer to these problems as if they never existed. This is to pretend that everything is under control to ease the tension among IRGC – Islamic Revolutionary guards Corps -- and Besiege ranks, who now have worries of the revolting people.

After the strikes against the chemical sites of Bashar al Assad, some Iranian officials have come up to brag they would retaliate any attack against themselves. Iran state News Agency IRNA reported on 26 April that General Hossein Salami, deputy commander of IRGC told an assembly of attorney generals, “Today we have identified our enemies’ vital interests. We have powerful defense and strong assault. We have shown our power with some military maneuvers”.  “We are at war but we have the upper hand . . .  we will burn down any enemy base we decide “Said Salami. “We have reached such a power in sea, air and land that any enemy’s military offence, at any scale, any extent, is ineffective”.  IRGC deputy commander continued, “We are aware that the gravity of enemy’s power is in the sea. We have shown such a strength in the sea. We have moved, step by step, alongside them. Sometimes we got into clashes with them, they have apprehended our power, so we have blocked their way”. Salami did not stop here, he concluded, “Those who play with our revolution and security we must break their hands”.

However, military experts did not take Salami’s threats very seriously. Political analysts believe that these show offs are, in fact, special messages Iranians send to westerners that “please don’t go so fast”. Iranian regime is now encountering its hardest time ever.  The mass uprising that covered most parts of Iran in December and January, is still going on. ٴForty years of atrocities and flagrant dictatorship has left no room for  people’s compromise with the tyrannous government.  What, in reality, have made the mullahs terrified are their enemies inside the borders rather than outsiders. The word “enemy” that Salami frequently uses, in fact, refers to workers, students, women, merchants, nurses… and other parts of Iranian society who do not consent to anything but a regime change. IRGC commander is, indirectly, addressing Iranian people. “We have powerful defense and strong assault”, “We have shown our power with some military maneuvers” or “we will burn down any enemy base we decide” and “Those who play with our revolution and security we must break their hands”. By directing attentions to the western hemisphere, IRGC commanders are hiding their fear from their own people. Yet, they cannot conceal the scorching flames of Iranian people’s fury against the regime of Ayatollahs, who for forty years have plundered Iran’s wealth and pushed their people under the poverty line. Unlike the uprising in 2009, Iran is now undergoing a new revolution. No matter how the Supreme Leader Khamenei, the President Rouhani or General Salami conceal their fear, but things get worse for them not better. The time is up.

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