Ghafour Fattahian

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Ghafour Fattahian, Iran VEVAK/MOIS agent
Ghafour Fattahian, Iran VEVAK/MOIS agent

Ghafour Fattahian is another element of the Iranian regime Ministry of Intelligence (VEVAK/MOIS) being utilized in the demonizing campaign against the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) by the VEVAK/MOIS in Europe under the pretext of a former PMOI/MEK member.

He was stationed in Camp Ashraf with PMOI/MEK members up to 2009. Following the occupation of Iraq in 2003 and up to 2009 the camp was under the control of U.S. forces. In June 2009 military forces associated to the government of former Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki stationed at Ashraf’s entrance and took control over the entire camp. Eighteen days later on 15 June 2009 Fattahian left Ashraf and went to the Iraqi security forces through the U.S. Army that had remained in Ashraf at the time. He was then transferred to Baghdad’s Hotel Arz al-Zohur, controlled directly by the VEVAK/MOIS. In November 2009 Fattahian was sent to Europe by the Iranian embassy in Baghdad, and was stationed in France to focus his efforts in relation with the VEVAK/MOIS network there and take part in the demonizing campaign against the PMOI/MEK. His activities were supervised and managed by Massoud Khodabandeh, the notorious VEVAK/MOIS agent stationed in the U.K. Khodabandeh is also the director of the VEVAK/MOIS-linked Iran Interlink website. He also travels to France under the pretext of the director of “Middle East Strategy Consultants” to control the activities of other VEVAK/MOIS agents and carry out the necessary coordination.


Paris- 4 Feb 2015- Ghafour Fattahian(Left) with Ghorban ali Hossein Nejad in front of Albanian embassy. In order to keep residents of Liberty under missile attacks in Iraq, the MOIS lobbies Albania, through its agents, not to accept anyone from camp Liberty

Fattahian was stationed in Baghdad for his training under the VEVAK/MOIS. He was assigned a mission on 8 October 2009 to send the VEVAK/MOIS message to his brother, then staying in Camp Ashraf. After arriving at Ashraf he asked the Maliki security forces and an American military officer to have a chance to visit his brother in Ashraf by the name of Alireza Fattahian. Two months after this visit and after he had gathered the intelligence instructed by the VEVAK/MOIS, Alireza Fattahian left Ashraf.

The identity of Alireza Fattahian, a known mole of the VEVAK/MOIS inside the PMOI/MEK, was already made public on 2 July 2002 in the PMOI/MEK-affiliated daily “Mojahed”, issue #592. His identity was also published on page 35 of a book entitled, “Revealed VEVAK/MOIS Moles – A Report of the National Liberation Army Counterintelligence Department on Discovering & Neutralizing VEVAK/MOIS Infiltration Plots”. Based on his own documented accounts he was dispatched from Iran as a mole to penetrate the PMOI rank and files. Later, due to his request and insistence he was accepted as a refugee with the PMOI/MEK for five years.  Alireza Fattahian returned back to Iran and was deployed in the VEVAK/MOIS-affiliated “Nejat Society.”

Currently, Ghafour Fattahian in Europe, involved the VEVAK/MOIS disinformation campaign against the PMOI/MEK, claims he was kept in Camp Ashraf against his will for years, adding he was also mistreated. Back in Iran his brother takes part in hideous propaganda campaigns launched by the Iranian regime to raise repulsive remarks against the PMOI/MEK. The truth is that at least from 2003 onward when U.S. military forces and officers were present in Ashraf, and as they met and talked with the residents at least once every year, both in public and private, they could have mentioned their intention to leave Ashraf. In addition to the U.S. forces, in the months of March and April 2009 Iraqi intelligence officers held two rounds of private interviews with all the residents in an attempt to encourage them to defect from the PMOI/MEK and leave Ashraf. One round of these private interviews was held even outside of Ashraf where Iraqi forces were stationed.


Ghafour Fattahian (Middle) and two others called Sobhani (left) and Alishahi (Right) in a gathering organized by VEVAK/MOIS against PMOI- Paris, 21 June 2013



Ghafour Fattahian and Alireza Nasrollahi, two VEVEAK/MOIS agents distributing leaflets against PMOI in Paris subway stations and trains – Paris, 23 June 2013


Ghafour Fattahian’s Various Activities

Ghafour Fattahian took part in a farce gathering organized by the VEVAK/MOIS against the PMOI/MEK on 17 June 2011 and in cooperation with a number of other VEVAK/MOIS agents in Paris, where he repeated various claims and allegations – used very often by the mullahs against PMOI/MEK – including being mistreated as he sought to depart Camp Ashraf and the PMOI/MEK would prevent him from doing so. From then on he was seen taking part in numerous programs and missions issued by the VEVAK/MOIS in France and other countries.

His name can be seen in various VEVAK/MOIS petitions in 2015 written to the French President, ministers of Interior and Foreign Affairs, legal and judicial institutions, going to the UNHCR office in Paris, going to the Albanian Embassy in Paris and …
Other VEVAK/MOIS measures included using Ghafour Fattahian in gatherings arranged by the VEVAK/MOIS against the PMOI/MEK. This included the gathering staged on 21 June 2014 on the verge of the Iranian opposition’s annual grand gathering in Villepinte of Paris aimed at preventing the entire session.
This individual was amongst the VEVAK/MOIS agents wrote a joint letter of gratitude to Maliki following the 1 September 2013 massacre in Ashraf. Maliki’s forces raided the camp and murdered 52 residents and abducted seven others, six of whom were women. This letter was published on VEVAK/MOIS-affiliated websites, on 6 March 2014 including Iran Interlink.


 Ghafour Fattahian in a VEVAK/MOIS organized anti-PMOI meeting broadcast by Iranian regime's official TV  called Shabakeh Khabar – Paris, 26 June 2014 


Ghafour Fattahian and Alireza Nasrollahi, two VEVEAK/MOIS agents distributing leaflets against PMOI in Paris subway stations and trains – Paris, 23 June 2013

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